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The problem of traffic violators is a growing aggravation to all of us. The men and women of the Porter County Sheriff’s Office write thousands of citations every year but we will never be able to witness the countless instances of careless driving that occur throughout our county each day.


That’s why we are offering this chance for you to have a positive impact on the way vehicles drive through your own neighborhood.


The next time someone runs the stop sign at the end of your block, or speeds through a school zone, then write down the place, date, time and license plate number, and either fill out our online report form, or stop by the Sheriff’s Office to fill out the form there. Please do not personally confront the occupant(s) of the car.


We will send a letter to the home of the registered owner of the vehicle and alert them that it is in everyone’s best interest to use more care when driving.


You must be very sure of the facts when you report them to us. It would be detrimental to the program if the wrong person receives the correspondence from the Sheriff’s Office.


We are glad to have you as a partner to help keep the streets safe for everyone.


Thank you for participating.


David E. Lain

Sheriff David E. Lain



Report a Violator Form

Fill out Form

Print & Mail or Email to:

Sheriff David Lain 2755 St. Rd. 49, Valparaiso, IN  46383



Report a Violator Word Form

Microsoft Word Form- fill out fields email or print

Instructions for sending in Word Form- Click on link above.

Save Document to your computer. Open in Word and fill out form.

In Word go to File/Send To/Mail Recipient

or Save completed Document and send as a link in your Mail Program



Report a Violator PDF Form

Printable PDF Form- print fill out Form and Mail



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