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A commitment to inclusiveness is a personal decision that comes from a belief that every person is a treasure.  It also represents an institutional challenge.  We believe that Northwest Indiana's diversity is its strength.  We also recognize that ignorance, insensitivity, and bigotry can turn that diversity into a source of prejudice, discrimination, and injustice.


To keep diversity a wellspring of strength and make Northwest Indiana a better place for all, we pledge to respect people whose race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, beliefs, economic circumstances, or other characteristics are different from our own.


1.  At all times, all members of this Department will demonstrate fair and equal treatment of all citizens.


2.  Behaviors that violate a citizen's right to equal treatment under the law will not be tolerated.


3.  Language and behaviors that demean or could be perceived to demean another person will not be tolerated.


4.  This Department has adopted and will adhere to a procedure that ensures that complaints concerning equitable treatment are processed in a timely and responsive manner.


5.  This Department has adopted hiring and other personal policies and procedures that promote the development of a workforce that is fully reflective of the community it serves and the citizens with whom it works.


6.  This Department has incorporated training on race relations into its orientation program for all new officers and civilian employees.  This training is reinforced in formal training sessions that are conducted on an annual basis:



7.  On an annual basic, this Department will conduct and share a formal analysis of its performance with respect to the requirements of this commitment.


8.  On an annual basic, this Department will develop an action plan to further demonstrate its commitment to inclusiveness.


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